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Lithium Pros Marine BatteriesLithium Pros

Lithium Pros batteries are used by many of the world’s top anglers. Why? Because they offer a competitive advantage. Lithium Pros batteries do everything a lead acid battery can do, only faster. Lithium Pros is a leader in the industry of bringing all the benefits of lithium ion to a boat without all the headaches. Save weight, save space, go faster, go further with Lithium Pros in your boat. 

We are constantly looking for ways to make batteries lighter, more powerful, and more durable. We uniquely balance high performance and reliability with reasonable cost to make for the best value in a high performance battery. Visit us at for more information on our great line of batteries.


Charger Boats - Put in with the best!

Charger Boats

For over 40 years, Charger has built some of the most durable, fishable boats on the water. But we’re always looking ahead for new ways to build the best boats for you.

We’ve added scores of design, performance, and comfort features to our new lineup of Charger boats, including all-composite construction, heated seats, infrared night vision with the removable camera on the bow, and more. Best of all, we put that four decades of experience, refinement, and innovation into every Charger boat.

Whether you’re a seasoned tournament professional or a weekend warrior, we've built a boat that gives you a distinct advantage when you’re tearing down the lake, taming a big river, or trolling the banks of a tournament-winning cove. You’ll feel confident in your Charger Elite every time you hit rough water, make the quickest run back to the weigh-in, or land the first keeper of the day. To learn more, visit us at or give us a call at 573-765-3265.

Charger Boats. The best just got better.

Honda Marine - The Power of Boating

Visit us online at


Honda True 5 Year Warranty

Honda Marine

Honda offers more four-stroke marine experience than anyone with engines inspired by our automotive technology and conceived for water from the ground up.

We were the first to offer a full line of dependable four-stroke outboards, the only manufacturer to offer a 5-year, non-declining warranty, and the first to meet or exceed both EPA and CARB emission standards.

Honda’s legendary reliability, incredible fuel economy, and unsurpassed value means more time on the water for you and your family. As part of our 50th Anniversary, we invite you to learn more about how great your boating experience can be with a reliable and highly fuel-efficient Honda outboard.

Honda Outboards by Honda Marine

Spro Sports ProfessionalsSPRO Lures

McStick 115
Designed by Elite Series pro and stick bait master, Mike McClelland, the Spro McStick 115 is the newest offering in McClelland's signature line of baits. It delivers the same fish catching attributes as the McStick 110 and 95 - now in a bigger size designed to attack the shallows. More buoyant than the 110 and 95, it slowly rises on the pause and dives to a maximum depth of four feet. Its added size and heft, as well as, its patented weight transfer system also allow you to make longer casts and cover more water. Bass hiding in the shallows do not stand a chance against the new Spro "Mike McClelland" McStick 115. Also comes equipped with three super sharp #5 Gamakatsu treble hooks.

Bronzeye Shad 65
Designed by Bassmasters Elite Series professional, Dean Rojas, the Spro Bronzeye Shad 65 took over 15 months and four different prototypes to get absolutely perfect –and when we say perfect, we mean PERFECT. Throw it in open water, around trees, rip-rap, and rocks, the Spro Bronzeye Shad 65 effortlessly walks over the water completing turns in excess of 180-degrees. The walking action is built right into the bait and it is designed to move with minimal effort from the angler. For even more action and stability, the Spro Bronzeye Shad 65 is equipped with two vertically set, tri-colored tails on the backside. Like the Spro Bronzeye Frog, the Spro Bronzeye Shad 65 also delivers incredible collapsiblity to expose its sticky-sharp 4/0 Gamakatsu frog hook.

John Crews Baby Fat John 50
Delivers a highly-specialized action that is made for tempting bass in shallow waters. Reaching a maximum depth of 2-feet, the Spro John Crews Baby Fat John 50 is built with a precisely angled, fiberglass bill that allows it to kick left and right with a wild hunting action, and then re-align and return to center. This action has been specifically formulated to imitate a fleeing baitfish making every possible attempt to evade pursuing predators. Effective on a steady or blistering-fast retrieve, the Spro John Crews Baby Fat John 50 is equipped with two sticky-sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks that ensure rock-solid hook sets.

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Gruv Fishing - Tackle Storage Done RightGRUV FISHING
Tackle Storage Done Right

Our world has changed significantly in the past century. Your tackle storage, on the other hand, has not. Compartment-style tackle boxes have been the norm for as long as anyone can remember. Rather than effectively storing your gear, the tackle boxes on the market simply offer tangled hooks, damaged tackle, and chaos.

This ineffective method of tackle storage has been the norm, and at Gruv Fishing, we’re here to change the norm. The old-school tackle box simply isn’t up to date. As a fisherman, you want the very best tackle and likewise, you should have the very best tackle storage.

Using a patent-pending, silicone anchoring technology licensed from Tacky Fly Fishing, we’re building a line of tackle storage solutions that is going to effectively store, organize and protect your tackle. Learn more about their innovative products by visiting their website http://www,

Gamakatsu goldlogo Hooks



Since 1955, Gamakatsu® has strictly adhered to the theme of “Nature and Technology”. We work hard to develop new, hi-tech products that benefit today’s discriminating anglers without adversely affecting the environment.

Gamakatsu’s mission of technical development and superiority has always resulted in “the best quality”. Gamakatsu® is always searching for new ways to make our existing products better in addition to constantly looking for unique products that are not yet available. We believe that only this attitude can give our customers the best they deserve! Visit their website to see their entire line and new products

American Sport Fish HatcheryAmerican Sport Fish Hatchery

American Sport Fish Hatchery is one of the largest producers of live, freshwater fish for stocking ponds and lakes in the southeastern United States. In addition to offering pond and lake stocking recommendations and fish delivery, American Sport Fish also offers all related pond management services such as monthly pond fertilization, automatic fish feeder maintenance, lime application, electrofishing (fish population assessments), consultations, fish habitat enhancement, and structure installation, and herbicide applications for unwanted aquatic vegetation control. We also dredge retention ponds, fish ponds, lakes, channels, boathouses, and boat slips.  

Located in Alabama with over 100 years of combined fish stocking, pond management, and aquaculture experience, American Sport Fish has the expertise and high-quality products to help you to create and maintain premier ponds and lakes throughout the southeast. Whether it's stocking your new pond, renovating an existing pond, developing a management plan to grow trophy bass, controlling aquatic vegetation, or removing unwanted sediment, the staff of American Sport Fish is ready to help you.

Visit us today and put American Sport Fish Hatchery to work for you

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors

Nothing stops you like Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors.
Sportfishing requires the ability to stop your boat and work an area quickly and quietly as you spot or catch your fish. With Power-Pole shallow water anchor’s advanced technology you can stop your boat quickly and quietly with the touch of a button and keep your boat securely in place, even in heavy wind and current. A Power-Pole anchor is also eco-friendly and causes no damage to the environment. Visit us at

EZ Loader TrailersEZ Loader Trailers

Since 1953, EZ Loader Boat Trailers has been the leader in manufacturing boat trailers with over ten patents and millions of dollars trailers sold nationally and internationally each year. With three manufacturing facilities and fourteen distribution centers in North America, and twenty-four worldwide, EZ Loader is truly 'How the World Gets to the Water'.

EZ Loader is the one-stop-shop for any type of recreational boat trailers. We specialize in making trailers for every boat, every budget, and everybody of water. Buy EZ Loader roller or bunk-style trailers. Choose from galvanized, powder-coated, aluminum, wet-painted systems and "Tuff Coated" Polyurea coatings. And trust trailers that carry from 600-pound capacity to 15,000-pound capacity. No other company sells, services and is better known or more well-respected around the globe than EZ Loader.

To learn more about EZ Loader er Trailers, visit us at

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