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“Celebrating 35 Years in Broadcasting
America’s Favorite Sport!”

In 2021, Fishing University will be celebrating 35 years of teaching the world to fish. The show is aired to millions throughout all 50 states and 51 other countries around the world. Through its’ innovative platform that features both pros and company owners pitted against each other showcasing both new and time-tested products, viewers get to learn insider tips and techniques that will make them better anglers. Whether you’re a novice or a first-time fisherman, the lessons taught here each week, will make for a better fishing experience no matter where you are fishing around the world. 

We hope you will join us each week as we not only teach you how to fish, but take you to great locations featuring great lakes full of fish just waiting for you to come! We look forward to you watching our shows and love seeing you on the road as we travel across the country. And, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us about YOUR fishing adventures!


Lithium Pros Battery

Lithium Pros Batteries announced as
Presenting Sponsor of “Fishing University”


We are excited to announce that Lithium Pros of Knoxville, Tennessee will be the Presenting Sponsor of our award-winning TV Show, “Fishing University”, which airs on the Outdoor Channel and WFN- World Fishing Network. “We are elated to have this outstanding company added to our show as Presenting Sponsor, said both Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier, co-hosts of the 35-year old TV show.

Lithium Pros is a leader in the industry of bringing all the benefits of lithium ion to a boat without all the headaches. You will save weight, save space, go faster, and go further with Lithium Pros in your boat. Lithium Pros batteries are used by many of the world’s top anglers because they offer a competitive advantage. Lithium Pros batteries do everything a lead-acid battery can do, only faster.

Building a safe lithium-ion battery that will attain its laboratory life expectancy of 10+ years requires a great deal of technical knowledge. That’s what Lithium Pros offers. Their focus is on building lithium-ion batteries specifically to replace lead acid batteries in several demanding applications. Their mission statement is, “Through constant innovation, provide safe, low ESR lithium ion battery packs that are easy to install and use for all types of high current applications.”

“We have had the privilege of working with Kevin at Lithium Pros for many years and know first-hand the quality behind every product they develop,” said Ray Brazier, co-host of Fishing University. “Whether you're a seasoned tournament professional or a weekend angler, I can tell you first hand that having Lithium Pros batteries in your boat gives you a distinct advantage when you're driving down the lake, taming a big river, or trolling the back of a reclusive cove. You'll feel confident in knowing that you never have to worry about your battery life, the speed you need, and the light weight that can mean the difference in getting to your favorite spot before another competitor. We truly feel blessed to have Lithium Pros come on board as our Presenting Sponsor”, said Brazier. “And, although the batteries are 2nd to none, having the opportunity to work with Kevin and his entire team is truly a pleasure”, concluded Brazier.


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Fishing University celebrates it 35th year

Let's see....

  • We produce 13 original shows each year....
  • Each show is aired 494 times…
  • So, that's a
  • total of 4,888 shows on the air over the past 34 years....Wow!




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